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wimpwm is a window manager. It is based on Yakazao, a window manager I had written before. It is called wimpwm because it is for people like me who are too wimpy to use colorful and bloated window managers.

Legal Issues

wimpwm is free software that comes under the GNU General Public License. In essence, this means that the program comes with full source code and may be modified and re-distributed, as long as the copyright notices in all files remain unmodified. Also, there is NO WARRANTY of any kind -- if wimpwm should wipe your disk, bad luck.



There are a lot of things wimpwm cannot do. For most people, lack of theose features would be a reason not to use wimpwm, so I put them into a section called "Anti-Features", although I would rather put them into the Features section above.


I have not encountered any bugs in the past few days, but one item is currently on my fix-list: When I switch on opaque move mode, the titlebar does not get redrawn during the move. I don't use opaque move, so I will only fix that on request. Anyway, opaque moving is not documented anyway, so this should not be a problem unless you switch it on in the source code.


I put together some documentation for wimpwm, but it's rather sparse. There is a User's Manual, which is available online in HTML format. If you like it in another format you can take the texinfo source from the source distribution of wimpwm and generate it yourself. The source distribution is available from the download section below. In the case you don't have the Texinfo tools, drop me a mail to magr@cs.tu-berlin.de and I can put Postscript or DVI files or whatever-format-suits-your-needs onto the server.


I am really interested what you think about wimpwm. If you like it, send me a mail and tell me what you liked. If you don't like it, send me a mail telling me the reason, maybe I can fix it.

Please send all mail concerning wimpwm to magr@cs.tu-berlin.de.


Here is a screenshot of wimpwm:


You can download the latest version of wimpwm from the following list:


In order to build wimpwm, just untar it into a directory of your choice, configure and make it. More on configuring is in the file INSTALL in the top-level directory. Also have a look at the files README-alpha and README, and especially at the file COPYING which states the license under which wimpwm is distributed.


wimpwm basically needs the following software installed in order to build and run:


wimpwm has been successfully built on several GNU/Linux machines using 2.2 kernels and has been used to run on a local X server and a remote X server on a Sun SPARC IPC without problems. By the way, this Sun is the reason why wimpwm is so feature-lacking, its' X server is so damn slow, you would not want to run anything doing nifty graphics on it. wimpwm also builds and runs without problems on Solaris 7, but you need gcc installed (maybe it also runs with Sun's cc, I have not tried that).


When I started, I was heavily inspired by aewm, the ascetic window manager written by Decklin Foster. The mouse button bindings come from that window manager. The key bindings are taken from evilwm, written by Ciaran Anscomb. In the meantime, all code I took from those window managers has been replaced with my own, but the overall structure may still be visible. The style of window resizing came from twm.