2003-09-12: I have made my Guile pages available again, since I think there might be some interesting stuff for Guile hackers. But please note that I have not worked on Guile for two years now, and I don't think that will change. Feel free to use the work published on this page (please note the license!), but don't expect me to fix any bugs.

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I am using Guile for a lot of tasks and have written quite a few lines of Scheme code by now. On this page, I want to share wisdom and knowledge about hacking and using Guile with the rest of the world.

Guile (short for GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension) is a Scheme interpreter aimed at embeddibility. It comes with a library which can be linked into other programs and then used as a configuration or glue language. There is also a command line interpreter which uses the library and provides the classical REPL (read-eval-print-loop).

Guile Logo Suggestion

I have created a logo for Guile. Have a look at my

Guile Resources

If you are interested in using Guile, you should definitely check out the following sites:

Guile Modules

I have written some Guile extensions. Maybe they are useful for you, just try them out.


A package for bindings to the GNU dbm library is available here. Included is a C library providing the bindings, a Scheme interface module which loads the library and documentation in Info format.


This is a skeleton package for Guile extensions. All files and machinery for creating Guile extension modules is included, as well as a script for adapting it to the name for your new module.

See the included README file for how to set this package up.


For my (and maybe your) convenience, I have packaged up a lot of my personal Scheme stuff into a package called mgrabmue-pers-scheme. The naming and packaging scheme for this package were shamelessly stolen from the ttn-pers-scheme package of Thien-Thi Nguyen.


Update: This package was merged into the core Guile library, so you don't need it anymore. Instead, install the CVS version of Guile, or wait for the 1.6 release.

This is a shared library implementing SRFI-13 (string library) and SRFI-14 (character-set library) (unfortunately not completely yet).


This package includes procedures for parsing XML files. It requires the expat library by James Clark. This was written before I noticed that Thierry Bezecourt had already written expat bindings and packaged them up under the name mixp. More information about mixp can be found on the Guile project list at http://www.glug.org/projects.